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Domiciliary Care
Our Home Care team provides a trusted quality care service tailored to people’s individual needs.  As a well established and experienced home care provider, we understand the importance of living comfortable and independently in your own home. We can support you or your loved one with personal care which can consist of bathing and shower assistance, personal grooming, oral hygiene, medication and more. Our experienced and dedicated managers are here to help find the right care for you and design a package of care for you or your loved one. Our carer’s are fully trained in safety techniques to help support you or a loved one safety and comfortably.

Holiday Care
If you or a family member are coming down to Cornwall on holiday and need support with personal care needs or you or a family member would like to take a break in the UK or overseas.  Please contact us and we can discuss this further with you.  We can ensure alll the care we provide is tailored to your individual needs, wishes, and preferences.  We can make sure that you will be matched with a care and support worker who will share you interests and personality.
A complex condition shouldn’t be seen as a barrier preventing you or your loved one from going on holiday. The right holiday carer and level of medical support should enable you to concentrate on relaxing with family and friends during the holiday call our team today to discuss our holiday care service.

Night Sits
Home care doesn’t stop at the end of the day, we are able to provide care and support over night.  This could be for your peace of mind or so that your family can rest during the night. 

Domestic Service / Companionship Support
Many people not requiring personal care can greatly benefit from help with everyday domestic chores.

Domestic services we provide include:
Feeding pets and cleaning cages etc.
Collection of prescriptions
Payment of bills and
Escorting to appointments
Providing outreach to help you access the community safety

Companionship support ensures that people have social interaction that can benefit a person mental health, prevent social isolation and knowing that you have a friendly visitor can help put a smile on your loved ones face.

Meals n Wheels & Laundry Service
Our Meals on Wheels and Laundry Services complement our domiciliary care and we can also provide a service wash (wash, dry and fold) or a wash only or iron only service. We also provide a duvet cleaning service
Prices on application call 01326 573669 - Geographical restrictions apply.
You can choose a HOT and READY to EAT meal and desert from our extensive menu to be delivered to your door 365 days per year or just when you require.  Alternatively, you can choose from a comprehensive range of complete meals and desserts to be delivered frozen for you to keep in your freezer, ready to heat and eat as required. Call Penny’s West Country Kitchen direct on 01326 572626

Live-In Care
Residential care sometimes seems like the only option when you need someone on hand 24 hours 7days per week.   However you or your family can get affordable and quality care at home, we can provide care and support in the familiar surroundings of your home.  Having a full time live in carer ensures that you or your loved one can remain in their home, but giving you or your family the peace of mind of a residential care setting.

Respite Service
It’s important for a full time carer or family member to take a break from caring for a loved one, we are here to help. Everybody needs some time for themselves, even more so when they are the full time carer for someone.  This is where respite care can be integral to you and your carer’s routine, this could be for a couple of hours at a time or for much longer periods.

Being a carer for a loved one can be demanding please contact us to find out more information about our respite service.  Our respite care package also offers an experience of our agency’s services for those who might be considering care in the future.

What happens next:

1)  Phone us or complete the enquiry form and let us call you back

2)  A care manager will come out and visit you and design a support package to suit your individual needs

3) We will send you a roster showing when and who will be attending your calls

4) We will continually review your support package with you and make changes with you if necessary


Domestic Carers
Many people not requiring personal care can greatly benefit from help with everyday domestic chores...
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Meals Delivered to your door
You can choose a HOT and READY to EAT meal and desert from our extensive menu to be delivered to your door every day or from time to time...
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Laundry Service
In association with Penny's Laundry Service, we offer a low cost, no frills personal laundry service, providing an inexpensive laundry option...
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Service Users

I just wanted to let you know how helpful I find your carers. They have changed my life so much, I now get out of bed and breakfast, shower and dress before they come. i used to stay in bed all day and not eat before they started coming. Carer W has been very helpful plumbing in my washing machine and taking me shopping. Carer P is delightful playing with my cat and always being chatty and just "getting" me. Everyone who has visited has been very professional and added value to my day. Please let everyone know how much I appreciate them.

Kind Regards Mrs M

Service Users

Can I say a great big "Thank you" to you for taking over D’s care. We are impressed with the standard of care he is receiving so far. It is wonderful to know that the level of communication and care that he is getting now at last is so good.

Mrs H

Service Users

please thank you’re wonderful team of carers that helped me look after my husband, the care they provided was first class, you must be really proud of your staff.

Mrs GG

Service Users

A big thank you to all at Penhellis who supported me after I came out of hospital and helped get me back on my feet.

from AT

Staff Reviews

Easy to work for. Excellent training and overall good working environment. Very aware of work balance


Staff Reviews

I have worked for Penhellis Community Care for 4 years now and really enjoy my role within the company. My supervisors are very supportive and I enjoy being a part of their team. I feel the rate of pay is very good and I have good working hours, which are flexible around my home life. I would recommend anyone who enjoys working in care to apply for a role within Penhellis.


Staff Reviews

Penhellis is a good place to work, clients are treated well. Training is regularly updated and you are also given the opportunity to do extra training courses. Clients are treated well. Overall it is a well organised company.