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Penhellis Community Care
Penhellis has been providing Home Care for over 25 years in Cornwall and we know how important it is to find the right home care service. With Penhellis Community Care you get the best quality care tailored to your individual needs.

Our carers are trained to ensure that our clients retain their independence and personal dignity whilst enjoying a satisfying quality of life.

Our Care

We want people to feel safe, comfortable and cared for in their own homes. Our aim is to always help people to live more independent and fulfilling lives, no matter what illness or disease is affecting them.

To do this, we provide bespoke care packages for individuals, tailoring them so that they look after not just the individual’s needs, but also support their loved ones as well.

For us, it is not just about delivering a service. We make sure that we create a warm and supportive environment for people and we do our best to encourage their independence and confidence.

More and more people are choosing to live independently at home for as long as possible and we are here to ensure that happens. We understand the importance of being in your own space.

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Domestic Carers
Many people not requiring personal care can greatly benefit from help with everyday domestic chores...
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Meals Delivered to your door
You can choose a HOT and READY to EAT meal and desert from our extensive menu to be delivered to your door every day or from time to time...
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Laundry Service
In association with Penny's Laundry Service, we offer a low cost, no frills personal laundry service, providing an inexpensive laundry option...
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Service Users

I just wanted to let you know how helpful I find your carers. They have changed my life so much, I now get out of bed and breakfast, shower and dress before they come. i used to stay in bed all day and not eat before they started coming. Carer W has been very helpful plumbing in my washing machine and taking me shopping. Carer P is delightful playing with my cat and always being chatty and just "getting" me. Everyone who has visited has been very professional and added value to my day. Please let everyone know how much I appreciate them.

Kind Regards Mrs M

Service Users

Can I say a great big "Thank you" to you for taking over D’s care. We are impressed with the standard of care he is receiving so far. It is wonderful to know that the level of communication and care that he is getting now at last is so good.

Mrs H

Service Users

please thank you’re wonderful team of carers that helped me look after my husband, the care they provided was first class, you must be really proud of your staff.

Mrs GG

Service Users

A big thank you to all at Penhellis who supported me after I came out of hospital and helped get me back on my feet.

from AT

Staff Reviews

Easy to work for. Excellent training and overall good working environment. Very aware of work balance


Staff Reviews

I have worked for Penhellis Community Care for 4 years now and really enjoy my role within the company. My supervisors are very supportive and I enjoy being a part of their team. I feel the rate of pay is very good and I have good working hours, which are flexible around my home life. I would recommend anyone who enjoys working in care to apply for a role within Penhellis.


Staff Reviews

Penhellis is a good place to work, clients are treated well. Training is regularly updated and you are also given the opportunity to do extra training courses. Clients are treated well. Overall it is a well organised company.